30 Pieces of Silver Project

Ask the 22 Ohio Republican Turncoats,
What was your price?

Conservative Republicans across Ohio were shocked and dismayed by the recent betrayal of 22 Republican representatives who joined with the Democrats to elect Rep. Jason Stephens as Speaker of the Ohio House on Tuesday, January 3. We want to know, What was their price?

These 22 had previously pledged their support for conservative Rep. Derek Merrin, who was widely anticipated to lead the Republican super-majority in the House in passing a variety of conservative, faith, and family friendly legislation. Now, Ohio faces the real possibility of a constitutional amendment enshrining abortion on demand into the Ohio Constitution, and a divided House, essentially controlled by the minority Democrats, where the conservative agenda is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

If you are shocked like we are, why not join us in sending 30 pieces of silver to one (or all) of the turncoat Republicans who have betrayed us by selling out to the Leftist agenda and ask: What was your price?

The process is simple. Simply print out the 30 Pieces of Silver Letters and the 22 Republican Turncoat Addresses pdf in the Materials List below. Next, place a letter in a small box suitable for mailing so that it is visible when the box is opened. Then, place 30 plastic silver coins in a drawstring bag or similar bag and put them in the box. Cut out the address from the 22 Republican Turncoat Addresses pdf and affix it to the box. We suggest that you put a return address on the box as well to ensure timely delivery.

The Materials List below provides the letters and addresses as pdf's that you can freely download and use. The sources for the coins, bags, and boxes are given for your convenience, feel free to use your own if you prefer. These sources were the best prices that we could find at the time for bulk purchases so that we could mail all 22 turncoats at once.

Materials & Sources: